Topline Beauty College

Our mission is to prepare you to become successful cosmetologists, cosmeticians, manicurists, massage therapy professionals, and pass the State Board Examination with outstanding marks.

Cosmetic College

Cosmetic College

Producing the finest cosmetic professionals in the industry

Barber College

Barber College

Our barbers are the best trained hair stylists around



We have the highest accreditation a beauty school can have.

Beauty College in Santa Ana, CA

Topline Beauty College is the top of the line beauty school. Whether you are hoping to have a career as a manicurist, day spa specialist, barber, cosmetic professional, or a hair expert, our school is for you. We've been called a nail college, a barber school, even a skincare college, and the truth is, we are all that and more. We teach cosmetics in our cosmetic classes, how to cut hair in our barber school, how to do nails in our manicure classes, and all of it: facials, skincare, and the rest are all under the umbrella of our top accredited cosmetology college.

We want you to not only succeed but to be the best in your field. If you aren't succeeding, then we didn't do our job, and we pride ourselves in putting young men and women into the community with the best skills and best possible chances of being successful. If you have always wanted to work in the beauty industry, we are your choice.

For more information, contact Topline Beauty College at (714) 839-0808 for all our information and assistance programs available.



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